The Burroughs

From humble beginnings covering soul standards in their unlikely hometown of Greeley, Colorado, The Burroughs have traversed a decade of growth and reinvention to become a band that defies odds and transcends categorization. Since 2013, the 9-piece act has lit up stages around the country with their trademark brand of “sweaty soul music,” an invitation for audiences to dance, celebrate, and connect under a unifying and infectious groove.

Bandleader and frontman Johnny Burroughs sings, dances, and screams audiences into a revival-like frenzy. His dynamite backing band includes sizzling horns and powerhouse rhythm section made up of some of Colorado’s most versatile and in-demand musicians. Since their early days pulling inspiration from artists spanning Stevie Wonder to Beyonce, the group has grown into a formidable creative collective focused on finding an original voice. The band’s undeniable chemistry on stage is built from a decade of real-life relationships and creative partnership. In an industry focused on finding the next big singular artist, The Burroughs have forged their own path that centers on music made in community. 

The band’s latest release is their most ambitious venture yet: an expansive concept album titled Honey Imastar. The intergalactic adventure follows an alien traveler who comes to Earth to study and understand humans. Set against a backdrop of psychedelic funk and retrofuturism, the main character discovers the true nature of the human experience: an illogical cluster of closeness and isolation, joy and despair, and chaos and repetition. Her journey reveals that while life on Earth may never be simple and solvable, we can cultivate hope through connection and shared experiences. 

Honey Imastar is a grandiose experiment for us as a band, but in reality it couldn’t be a more personal story,” said lead singer Johnny Burroughs. “Many of the songs had been written during the first few months of my newborn daughter's life. The story, songs, and vision for the album were growing in parallel with my daughter experiencing the first year of her life. But equally as influential as my daughter’s growing up, was my own experience growing older and losing that childish spark that made life feel wondrous.” Inside of this world that was created, other members of the band brought what they were feeling and processing to the writing. “We all found freedom in expressing our own triumphs and doubts through the character of Honey Imastar,” continued Burroughs. “And something that’s at the core of this story and our spirit as a band is our determination to continue to wake up, be present, bring our whole selves and keep moving forward together.”

The Burroughs have played prestigious festivals and venues including Salmonfest Alaska, Bohemian Nights New West Fest, Denver's Underground Music Showcase, and the Mishawaka. The band has written, produced, and performed a show of original music with orchestra, premiered with the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra in 2021. They have opened for acts including The Motet, The Steve Miller Band, Keller Williams, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and The Main Squeeze. Previous recorded releases include self-released singles “Zero Sum Game,” “Baby Get Down,” and “I Refuse”; Love and Unity produced by Eric Krasno (2020); “The Slip” and “Forever In Love on Color Red Music (2019); their full-length studio album Got to Feel (2018); the single “You Are My Joy,” and b-side “1968” (2016); and the full-length live album Sweaty Greeley Soul (2015), recorded live at the Moxi Theater. 

Since the band’s start, The Burroughs have always embraced their hometown of Greeley, Colorado, with a passion for community outreach. Previous partnerships have amplified the work of great organizations like the Weld Food Bank, Greeley Boys and Girls Clubs, and Habitat for Humanity. The band’s latest mission is an ongoing partnership with Greeley-Evans District 6 Schools titled #BandsGiveBack- a campaign for local artists to pledge money and time dedicated towards providing all area students with access to music education. Providing music clinics and joint performances with high school bands around their city and across the country, The Burroughs hope to inspire the next generation of musicians to find a career path in music.