At its core, Augustus is a singer/songwriter band, whether presented in the medium of mahogany strings or driving spirals of fuzz and reverb. Since 2014 founding members Colin Kelly and Jim Herlihy have been burning the candle at both ends; they’ve toured coast to coast multiple times, recorded six studio albums, and licensed music to MTV, E! Channel, and multiple documentaries. With time on their hands, the band entered the studio in February 2021 to begin a feverish recording session. Reflecting on the undercurrent of anxiety widely felt during the early days of the pandemic, Augustus’ latest release, “Ragtime World,” adds yet another aspect to the band's diverse and prolific catalog. 2021 saw the band share the stage with Grammy award winner Cedric Burnside, as well as the Futurebirds and Yawpers.  Augustus is currently in studio working on their 7th record.