The River Arkansas

Their four-song EP, Waiting on the Rain,  released in February 2022, encapsulates this spectacle. It was written, recorded, and produced by River Arkansas frontman Mike Clark in a reconstructed shed he fashioned into a music studio. The recordings manage to capture Clark’s natural ability to extend a friendly hand with tender delivery of lyrical encouragement sprinkled with notes of amusing humor. It may be low hanging fruit to compare The River Arkansas’s music to a river, but a band that delivers indie Americana and honky-tonk swing that erupts like turbulent rapids, curves into country calmness, and crashes smooth blues-rock upon the shore is deserving of the name sharing that sort of kindred power. A batch of Colorado’s finest musicians whose abilities shine throughout the golden hour that is Waiting on the Rain. The five piece each skillfully showcases their craft while seamlessly bonding together as a band. Bolder Beat noted that, “Together, they give off a heartfelt and wholesome sound which resonates with the Colorado lifestyle of mountain life meets the pavement." Mike Clark (singer, songwriter) and Macon Terry (bass) formed The River Arkansas in 2014 after an impromptu studio session led to the release of their first album, Golden Light. The band picked up Robin Chestnut (drums) and Rachel Sliker (violin) for a month-long west coast tour that solidified the band's friendship and led to their sophomore album, You Animal. As the band evolved from a more tender sound to heavier soulful country and blues-rock music, they added the talented Benjamin Gallagher on keys. His addition prompted the band to use 4-piece harmonies and more elaborate arrangements, and they released their third studio album, Any Kind of Weather shortly before the world took a break due to health reasons. With the release of Waiting on the Rain, The River Arkansas demonstrates just how much they’ve mastered the steady flow of their sound.