The Swashbuckling Doctors

This careening, out of control luge ride of Colorado ska is hurtling ever faster towards a mutually assured destruction of sweaty skanking. Your very own Swashbucking Doctors are back with new tunes, old show-stoppers, and lots of danceable party favorites. Come see what these lovable nerds have cooked up over the past year! The Swashbuckling Doctors were formed in the bowls of Allison hall in late 2010. Since then they have recorded 3 full length albums and 2 EPs, played 100's of shows, and taught the future leaders of our country the merits of the circle pit and the skank. If you're ready to pick up those feet and plaster a smile on your face, don't miss your chance to see "The Docs". We have the cure. A healthy dose of it, in fact.