The Trujillo Company

Denver power trio, The Trujillo Company is making their own mark on the flourishing music scene in Colorado. Sharing the same love of music and same last name, Mike and Leny Trujillo combined forces to create a two-piece powerhouse driven by powerful backbeats and heavy riffs.

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We love FoCoMX!!! Ya'll are the best and it's simply a joy and honor to play as a selected artist in the best festival in America!!! The Trujillo Company would love to be considered again for 2023. We'll be releasing a new full length album in early next year, and we will be hitting the road in support of the album. It's always a highlight of our schedule whenever we get to be a part of FoCoMX. Thank you so much for you consideration, and your continued support of the amazing Colorado music scene.

Much love and appreciation,
Mike Trujillo
The Trujillo Company
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