The Warthogs

The Warthogs is a Fort-Collins-grown psych-garage band. Their energy is infectious, their music is loud and hooky and their wardrobe is monochromatic. "The Hogs" as they are known by some, began with three acoustic guitars in a frigid Fort Collins garage, which became known as "Hog Den." In late 2021, founding members Beau Baker, Nico Matallana and Gabe Allen brought in fiddle player Hope Radford and percussionist Brian Tremper to fully-realise their sound. The Warthog's music can really only be described as enviro-love-punk. At times it is gentle and soothing, at other times it is wandering and jammy, more often though it is frenetic and driving. The wealth of material that the band has produced over the past year has touched on western water rights, American labor movements and, of course, the heartfelt sentiments of its five members. Come out to the show. You won't regret it.