Tonguebyte is a 5-piece Saxophone Rock group based in Fort Collins, Colorado who blend the genres of Punk, Jazz, RnB and Alternative Rock to create a compelling sound that grips the listener’s ear. This, accompanied with the poetic lyrics written by Guitarist/Vocalist JJ Maestas, and rhythmic and melodic complexities of Benjamin Eberle's bass playing deliver an exciting new sound that anyone could get down to! Tonguebyte hit the Denver scene in the summer of 2017 after Jacob and Benjamin started playing DIY acoustic shows; since then has played such notable venues as Lost Lake, and the Larimer Lounge, and have performed at The Taste of Colorado 2018. Alongside that, they have an independent EP release titled Asphyxia / I Remember about the longing and losing of love. “One of the elements that stood out was the tight vocal harmonies provided by Maestas and Eberle — their voices echoed in tuneful unison throughout many of the songs. The bass guitar was another element which stood out, often seeming more prominent in the riffs than the electric guitar, aided by Eberle’s adept playing. It provided a complex and deep layer which complimented the high register of the lead singer.” -CUindependent