VIVIAN is, Timo Massa, Alana Rolfe, Chris Thompson. Often performing as a duo composed of Alana Rolfe and Timo Massa formed VIVIAN in Fort Collins, CO and have been referred to as, "glitchy and glittering indie-rock". Their sophomore LP, "Pressure Makes Diamonds" peaked at #221 on the College Radio Charts while their 2020 debut release, "The Warped Glimmer", hit #89. VIVIAN layers psychedelic and glitched-out stylings over crisp hip-hop inspired beats and smooth vocals, some have referred to this as "mushroom pop". 

VIVIAN was selected to score a short film, "Birds  Eye View” for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, they were featured twice on NPR Live Sessions, selected for album of the week by105.5 KJAC and have toured in FL, TX, NM, CO, NE, MO, IA, NY, NC, and LA.

After relocating to New Orleans, LA the band revealed their origins are from a multi-dimensional love god named VIVIAN who came to Earth to teach us the truth - Love is the Thing. To learn more about The Cvlt of VIVIAN visit