The Copper Children

Our Mission:

We are here for everyone looking to heal and feel, creating experiences centered on love, integrity, acceptance and authenticity.
Our Bio:

We are here to curate an adventure inward and calibrate a celebration of all that is great.  With a soulful, rhythmic melody softly sweeping you to the dance floor, resistance is futile.

The Copper Children is a band from Denver, CO blending original soul, folk, funk, reggae, and psychedelic rock and blues into a moving performance. Their music feels good and leaves audiences agreeing. Over the years the band has performed fro audiences at Summer Camp, Northwest String Summit, Arise Music Festival, and on national tours of the U.S. Like a roller coaster, their “Psychedelic Gospel” experience leaves audiences feeling transported to the rail-yards of freedom.

The Copper Children is driven by rhythm and good vibration. Each member came together with the intention of spreading love of the purest form as far as possible. Formed in July of 2015, they released their first album as a group in June 2016 called What We Are. It is centered around the bonding of the members and their sharing in the blessing that was the life of Caleb Jarosh, Elijah’s brother, whom the album is dedicated with love. It is the foundation of the band’s journey into their own sound.

Their third album Speaking in Spirits is a nine-track album written by The Copper Children and was released on April 19, 2019. The songs vary in style, genre and mood, ranging from heart-wrenching introspective to uptempo, four-on-the-floor jams. All of this music has been the soundtrack for the band's life for the past few years and much of what they sing about has already transpired in a strange and beautiful way. The album consists of all analog recordings, bringing a warmth and nostalgia that is integral to the experience of Speaking In Spirits.

Released on 4/23/22, Their forth album, “Strange Illusion” explores thumping singalongs reminiscent of the swampy south and suites within songs that adventure into other landscapes of sound only to return you back to the beginning. The album was recorded by Matt Tanner (Speaking In Spirits) and mastered by Brent Somermeyer at Catadawn Mastering Studios in Denver, CO throughout 2019 and wasn’t completed being mixed and mastered until 2021. During this time the world experienced a pandemic and the songs, which were written well in advance, began to take on even more meaning in their story.

Cole Helman started playing with the band on lead electric guitar and backup vocals in 2022 and everyone couldn’t be happier!! The Copper Children offer an unforgettable six piece band experience in the heart of Colorado and in speakers near You!