Bison Bone

Bison Bone is a working class americana rock and roll band from Denver, CO. “Americana is said to be a melting pot of several American music genres. Bison Bone embraces the melting pot proudly, blending hypnotic melodies of the pedal steel, keys and alt-country guitar tones. Upon hearing this new EP, listeners are greeted with a sound that moves, that's made to travel. Muscular but vulnerable, warm & worn-in, it's a blue vinyl booth, a waiting bar-stool.

"Lead vocalist Courtney Whitehead has a warm rasp, humility, and humor that calls to mind Warren Zevon and fellow Coloradan Jon Snodgrass. The five songs on 40 Grit prove Bison Bone’s mettle as serious students of alt-country — and torchbearers for what’s to come." - Adobe and Teardrops