Wolves in Cheap Clothing

Try putting the musical style/genre of Wolves in Cheap Clothing into a pigeonhole! The four members of the band – Marco Barberis, drums; Nathan Potter, guitars and vocals, Dan Tinker, guitars and vocals, and Mark Zieres, bass guitar and vocals - bring together diverse backgrounds and musical influences, including blues, jazz, rock and a little country to produce a collection of original songs that meld this diversity into a rockin’ sound that is absolutely unique these days. Simple instrumentation – two guitars, bass guitar and drums – combined with three-part vocal harmonies and searing dual guitar licks makes the music stick with you long past the end of the show. The Wolves in Cheap Clothing have released two albums in the past three years. Their self-titled first album showcases a dozen of their original tunes and was selected as the #6 album in Wyoming on Wyoming Public Radio. And this past summer, The Wolves in Cheap Clothing travelled to San Francisco, CA to record their second album, "Howlin' at Hyde Street", at the famous legacy studio Hyde Street Studios. Founded by Wally Heider in the late 1960s, Hyde Street is famous for recording such artists as The Grateful Dead; Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young; and more recently Cake and Train. This new album is the continued evolution of the music of Wolves in Cheap Clothing.