Hunter James and the Titanic

Forging the dusty sounds of southern R&B with the lyrical acuity of folk-rock, Hunter James &
The Titanic are a Rock and Roll band who have quickly found their footing and begun to leave
an imprint on the americana/roots world with their 2 full length LP’s: The Z- Axis and La Liberte.

New Noise Magazine writes (on La Liberte):
“The second track ‘Over the Line’ has to be up there with the strongest releases of July. A
quintessential Americana meets rock n roll anthem, the pulsating beat throughout this number
will instantly get your feet stomping. Sounding like the lovechild of Rival Sons and Led

The group formed in 2019 and have quickly won a worldwide audience with their lyrically
unapologetic take on remaining human in the modern world. They are set to release their third
much anticipated LP fall of 22’ via Dark County Records.