Owner and operator of 2:12 Records, S.iah goes wherever the music takes him. His journey has found him with humble beginnings moving around the United States, to being in in the heart of the New York City music scene, creating waves and building connections in Harlem & Brooklyn respectively. After taking a brief hiatus in 2020 and part of 2021, S.iah has returned with a whole new passion for music. It’s evolved from simple 16-bar raps over “boom bap” beats to more traditional, instrumental sounds. “To place myself in a box musically speaking would be a disservice to myself.” Now as S.iah furthers himself in his career, he is constantly finding ways to be a genre bending, original artist.

After releasing loose singles throughout the years, it culminated in the 2023 re-release of his first album titled Savus. Self-released originally in 2019. Building his fan base along the way, he has found new artists to collaborate with. Artists such as Rosebay, One Peace, Virgil Vigil, Ash Redhorse & the Midnight Suns, Tay Wandas & Sagan Petr Smith. Never one to put himself in any box musically, S.iah now looks to expand on his career with new beginnings in Los Angeles.