Sagan Petr Smith

Sagan Petr Smith, ( born March 14th, 2003) is a Cincinnati-born, Fort Collins-raised Producer, Songwriter, and DJ. Smith's passion for music really began in 8th grade, when he would begin to make beats on FL Studio because he openly expressed that he wanted to be an artist towards his dad, who was also a musician and producer. This gave him room to truly express himself. At the same time, he was gathering Inspiration from artists such as Madlib, J Dilla, Flying Lotus, and Kendrick Lamar. This allowed him to feel a wave of inspiration that launched the start of his career. His first project, "THE SURFACE OF THE MOON LP" was released on May 31st of 2019, and the next year, followed up with "Transportation: An Album By SPS" on March 13th, 2020. Following that, he released "The Introspection Dialogue" on July 28th of 2020, featuring the single "$ay To Me feat. Halo Thomas Along with Halo Thomas, he has close affiliations with rappers and singers such as 3017flaco, Jung Lov, Woff Tha Flame, YNS ScarSayian, & One Peace just to name a few. In 2021 however, Sagan Petr Smith collaborated with local Fort Collins rapper, One Peace to create a culmination of two years worth of work called "A Glorious One" which will be released on December 6th, 2021, via Lion League Music.

On October 21st of 2022, he followed up with "Republica Antica" which features names such as KESHORE, Peso Gordon, and Lil B. 

2023, was an even stronger year for Sagan Petr Smith. He helped produce Grim Keifers debut record, “The Renaissance”, which released June 9th, 2023. This led to the start of multiple collaborative efforts with rappers such as PlayBoiPedro777, Nick Nasty, Uncle Sushi, Isaiah Carter, BB$WorldWide, Yung Glicco, XADFM, and many many more.