Sasha Stone Band

The heart of Sasha Stone Band is singer, songwriter, guitarist, and frontwoman Sasha Stone. Inspired by '80s chick rock as a musician coming of age, she developed an affinity for folk music in her adulthood. These two influences are apparent in Sasha Stone Band's unique identity as an electric folk band. Sasha considers herself a diamond in the rough and encourages her listeners to persevere with resilience through life's turbulence as she shares vulnerable, image-rich lyrics that detail her personal triumphs over abuse, loss and poverty. She reminds her fans, "My writing comes from a place of despair at times but in the end, the message is always the same. Just try to hold on. You are not alone. You have got this." Accompanied by Blake Miller on lead guitar, Brian Zeiger on bass, and Loren Jones on drums. Sasha Stone Band has evolved since its inception in 2015. Based in Fort Collins, the band performs regularly in Northern Colorado and Wyoming, in addition to playing festivals, weddings, and parties. Sasha Stone Band is currently working on recording their first record at a local studio, and debuted the release of 3 new singles in Febuary of 2024.